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Helping Cancer-Fighting Organizations

How We Help

San Diego Professionals Against Cancer is a non-profit organization dedicated to generating monies for cancer research, patient treatment, and services through fund-raising events such as our flagship San Diego Festival of Beer. SDPAC is comprised of local area professionals who volunteer their time, energy, and resources to organize local social events with the mutual goals of raising money for charity, benefiting corporate sponsors, vendors and donors, and creating a source of entertainment for the local community.

If your organization would like to apply for some of those funds, please email

The SDPAC organization strives to foster a relaxed, enjoyable and social environment yet is committed to making an impact in the community. Our volunteers are encouraged to become involved and take an active leadership role in developing events, volunteer recruiting, fundraising, and community service.

SDPAC has no full time employees. Our volunteers have careers in the San Diego area, and perform all activities related to the organization and its events on their personal time. This dedication is rewarded only through the knowledge that we make a significant contribution to people with cancer, their families, and the fight in the prevention of the disease.


The San Diego Festival of Beer is the primary fundraiser for SDPAC. Our group is comprised of professionals from our community with a common goal, raising money for cancer charities.  Each year, we carefully select charities, and all proceeds go towards cancer research and cancer patient treatment.


These proceeds will benefit cancer related research or patient treatment services locally.  We could not do this without You!

Please donate today by clicking on the link below.

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